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booksthatspark's podcast

Discussing books that spark imagination, emotion questions, and conversations with our kids. Using books to create teachable moments for life lessons and discipleship.

Jun 25, 2024

In this episode we talk with John Fort who works with Be Broken Ministries which helps families talk about emotions and sexuality with their children as well as offers many other ministry resources for men, women, and families to move from sexual brokenness to wholeness. We also have an important announcement in this...

Jun 18, 2024

This week we share how to help our children embrace humility rather than pride, learning to respect and trust God. We found some interesting picture books that help a child understand humility and meekness. 

Jun 13, 2024

In this episode we replay part of one of our Father's Day episodes, but we also share some new books you won't want to miss for Father's Day this year. We'll be back for Season 8 in July!

Jun 11, 2024

This week we talk with Susan Neal about health and helping our children choose to eat God's food. 

Jun 4, 2024

This week we talk with mom and author Rachael Hartzell who shares a simple and effective way to disciple our children with every book we read.