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booksthatspark's podcast

Discussing books that spark imagination, emotion questions, and conversations with our kids. Using books to create teachable moments for life lessons and discipleship.

Jun 26, 2023

Want to find out what books Kristin and I think are the best of 2022? Join us for this episode of "Books that Spark."

Episode 151-Kathleen Bostrom Interview and the Birth of Her New Book

Jun 20, 2023

We chat with Kathleen Bostrom and learn about her wonderful new picture book for children welcoming a new sibling into the family and the big emotions that can come with it. 

Jun 13, 2023

This week we suggest some meaningful Father's Day books and share some thoughts for those wanting to disciple their children. Come hear what we've got to say about that. For show notes and links go to

Jun 6, 2023

In this episode we talk about our summer Bible memory plan and share several exciting announcements you won't want to miss!